I Didn’t Profit from Hit Single “Oyinmo” – Young Du Calls Out Carter Efe

I Didn’t Profit from Hit Single “Oyinmo” – Young Du Calls Out Carter Efe

Nigerian musician, Oluwabamishe Abioro, professionally known as Young Duu, has finally addressed his rift with popular skit maker, Efe Oderhohwo, famously known as Carter Efe.

Young Duu previously accused Efe of deceiving him following their collaboration on the hit song “Oyinmo.”

In a recent interview with HipTV, Young Duu provided more insight into the situation, revealing that he didn’t earn any money from the now-successful song with Carter Efe.

“After releasing the song, I noticed that Olamide promoted it, which made me happy. I even received numerous calls from people interested in signing with their label. Feeling encouraged, I agreed to collaborate with Carter Efe,” he explained.

“However, after recording and shooting the video, I lost contact with him. Months later, I reached out, and he promised to send me N500,000, but he never did. He also never booked me for any shows,” Young Duu continued.

He clarified that his decision to speak out on social media was driven by Efe’s dismissive attitude towards him, and the misconception that he had become wealthy but selfish.

“People assume I’m rich now, but whenever I contacted Carter, his response made me feel insignificant. I felt compelled to address the issue online because I felt deceived. It wasn’t about animosity towards him,” Young Duu elaborated.

When asked why he chose Carter over Portable, he explained, “I chose Carter Efe because he has more connections. It’s not that Portable lacks connections, but I preferred Carter.”

Young Duu also clarified the misconception that he was signed to Portable’s record label, stating, “Portable didn’t sign me. He offered to help me gain visibility, but there’s no formal agreement between us.”


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