Mayorkun Responds to Accusations of Money Ritualism by Influencer

Mayorkun Responds to Accusations of Money Ritualism by Influencer

Mayorkun has finally addressed the accusations made by female influencer Nicki Dabarbie, who alleged that the singer, along with his colleague Abbey Elias, also known as Skiibii, attempted to involve her in a ritual.

Taking to his X account on May 16, 2024, Mayorkun confronted the claims and their impact on his reputation. In a series of posts, he emphasized his lack of acquaintance with the accuser and refuted her allegations.

He expressed frustration at the ease with which people on the internet accept and spread unfounded negative rumors. Mayorkun dismissed DaBarbie’s assertion that he drugged her drink, emphasizing that he had never met her, making her accusation baseless.

Refusing to remain silent in the face of such damaging accusations, Mayorkun asserted that he could not let the allegations go unchallenged.

Just for the record, I never met that person on the said day, still never seen that person till this day, never knew about that person’s existence not until those allegations came up.. yet she claimed I put ‘something’ in her drink. A lot of people believed that story and you think I’ll let this libelous claim fly? Hell fucking NO!” he said in the post.

” he declared in one post.

Preferring to respond thoughtfully rather than react emotionally, Mayorkun explained his decision to take time off from addressing the situation immediately. He stressed that he did not want to act impulsively and out of character.

I took this time off because I didn’t want to act out based off of emotions, because if I did; I’ll definitely act out of character.. and that is not who I am,” he stated in another post.

Furthermore, Mayorkun reiterated that he had never encountered the accuser, even as he was addressing the issue. He questioned how else he could prove his innocence, emphasizing his complete lack of association with the individual in question.

He added, “I wanna re-instate, I have never seen this person before even as I am typing this! I still haven’t set my eyes on this person.. Like what else can I say? How else can I prove this?”

In April, Dabarbie made allegations against Mayorkun and Skibii, claiming that they conspired to involve her in a money ritual and drugged her drink. On that very day, Mayorkun responded by initiating a ₦1 billion lawsuit against her through his legal representatives, demanding that she retract her defamatory statements.


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