The Empower100 Initiative

“The Empower100 Initiative: Nurturing Strong Content Creators”

TLIG Global Media is embarking on an ambitious project, “The Empower100 Initiative,” with the aim of raising and empowering 100 strong content creators. We recognize the challenges content creators face in consistently producing high-quality content, and we’re determined to make a difference.

In collaboration with Univision studio, we will identify 100 talented content creators with innovative ideas in various fields such as Entertainment, Sports, Entrepreneurship, Tech, and more.

Selected content creators will receive comprehensive support from TLIG Global Media, including:

Content Evaluation: We will carefully assess the content ideas presented by the chosen creators, ensuring they have the potential to captivate and engage audiences.

Social Media Rebranding: We’ll revamp their social media platforms to enhance their online presence, ensuring they are well-prepared to showcase their talent.

Production and Editing: For each content creator, we will produce and edit 20 to 25-minute episodes for 13 weeks, bringing their creative visions to life in a captivating manner.

Promotion and Launch: TLIG Global Media will help launch their content across various social media platforms, maximizing visibility and reach.

Marketing Guidance: Our experts will provide valuable marketing insights and strategies to help the creators effectively promote their content.

To make this initiative possible, we are seeking potential sponsors willing to invest N1.3 million for each content creator. Here’s the breakdown of the sponsorship:

13 Weeks Productions: N800,000

Promotion Across Social Media Platforms: N200,000

Payment for the Content Creator: N300,000 (each content creator will be compensated with N300,000)

Benefits to Sponsors:

Brand Visibility: Each show will prominently feature the sponsor’s details for 13 weeks, ensuring significant brand exposure.

Custom Jingle: Sponsors will have a unique jingle to associate with the show, reinforcing their brand identity.

Product Promotion: Content creators and their guests will be encouraged to showcase and promote the sponsor’s products, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

Influencer Impact: Sponsors will be nurturing successful creators and influencers, who can become valuable brand ambassadors in the future.

Nationwide Promotion: TLIG Global Media will conduct nationwide promotion, showcasing sponsors as key contributors to empowering content creators.

We are targeting sponsors from various sectors, including Banks, Government Agencies, Tech Companies, Telecommunication, and more.

Join us in “The Empower100 Initiative” as we nurture and empower the next generation of content creators. Together, we’ll foster creativity, drive innovation, and make a lasting impact on the digital landscape. Let’s build a community of influential creators who inspire and elevate brands to new heights.